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Train and gain the finest experience with industry Elite experts

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What is Model Camp? 
Who can go?

ANON Camp is the atmosphere of a trendy retreat! For one week, the participants will immerse themselves in the fashion industry, sports, fashion shows, and master classes with top models and ANON experts. They will be waiting for photo shoots, culinary master classes, model coaching, and much more!

If you are interested in the world of fashion, a healthy lifestyle, and self-development, ANON Camp is the best place to stay this summer.

We accept applications from all boys who want to join us. There are no restrictions on age, height, or physical form!


meet the team


Director Deepak Singh

Hello all, I am Deepak Singh Chhikara, Director of Anon Models. 
I will be guiding you about modeling career and international placement during the camp.

Founder Ksenia SIngh

Hello all, I am Ksenia the founder of Anon Models. During the camp, I will be your styling coach as well as a motivational speaker

Why should you go to ANON CAMP?

Accommodation in a luxury villa with A pool

Top ANON trainers and experts

Healthy eating

New healthy habits

Immersion in the fashion industry

New acquaintances

Daily fitness classes, yoga, dancing, and fashion shows will help you tone up and learn to feel your body and enjoy movement.

Clean mountain air, an outdoor pool, proper nutrition with organic products, lectures, and culinary master classes will charge you with new energy and prove that a healthy lifestyle is simple and enjoyable!

Classes in modeling disciplines (photo posing, style, make-up, skin, and hair care), model coaching, and individual and group photo shoots will provide complete immersion in the fashion world


“The most beautiful thing you can wear is confidence.”

Blake lively

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